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Annika says...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I feel like I'm unceremoniously barging in on my own blog after so much time of not posting. But I can't be the only one who hibernates during winters? Especially the kind of winter we all had ourselves here in the Midwest. Brutal doesn't even begin to describe...
Anywho... My sweet little bunny... She isn't so little anymore. She is only a month away from turning two and it's my most favorite age The most fun is to hear her talk. The girl talks. so. much. Every single day she whips out something new to say and Greg and I look at each other and go:  "Did you just hear that?" or "Where in the world did she learn that?"
I don't want to forget these fun little Annika-isms and I think it's time to start writing down some of my most favorite ones...
So here it goes... Part I of Annika says. And boy, do I expect to have many-many more of those. 

"Where is it mommy go?" (Where did mommy go?)
"Want to push the buttons on a alligator!" (elevator!)
"Water going down the dream." (drain!)
"Annika's butt itching!"

When she hurts a part of her body, she always wants me to kiss it to make it "all better". Once, when she fell on her bottom pretty hard, she came up to me and said: "Kiss my butt!"
And you better believe I did!

Me: "What color is mommy's car?"
A: "Black."
Me: "That's right! What color is daddy's car?"
A: "Brown, too."

Puts her baby doll on her time-out chair: "Mary, time out!". Points a finger at the doll: "Listen!!!"
Me: "Why did you put your baby in time-out?" 
A: "Baby pull Annika's hair. Hurts!"

Me: "Annika, can I have your paci, please? You're awake now, and paci is for night-night."
A: "Nooo! I need it!"

Me: "Annika, did you just toot?"
A: "No. Daddy toot." (totally fibbing!)

I've been trying to teach her to say "Yes, ma'am!" when I reprimand her and want her to understand the correct behavior. 
Me: "Are you going to throw food on the floor again?!"
A: "Yes, ma'am!"
Greg: "I would give you play-doh, but are you going to eat it again?"
A: "Yes, ma'am!"
Point totally missed:)

I could go on forever and never stop, but I think it's enough for the first time. Hope you smiled a little bit:)

This is kind of like beauty and the beast, only better!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Kirby, everybody! 
She is this gorgeous blond, who is very thoughtful, wholesome, and whose work is helping people everyday. I get to call her my friend! I'll never forget the day after my baby girl was born and immediately airlifted to a different hospital. My husband went with Annika to be by her side and I was left alone at our hospital to heal my birthing wounds. Kirby brought girly magazines and spent all day with me. Except for the part my wonderful lactation consultant kicked her out for a few minutes:)  
Kirby speaks truth to my heart. Recently, after a certain huge disappointment, she reminded me how much I have in this life and made sure to "caution against discontentment". Exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Thank you, friend!
For this shoot, she was willing to trespass with me (shhh!!!) so that I could fulfill my dream of taking pictures at this forgotten building (aka the most photographed building in town... I'm so original:)) that is about to fall apart.  I love love love how these pictures turned out and it's so hard to pick a few favorites!!!So, yes! This girl!!! { Insert an emojy with hearts for eyes.}

Having some Miner fun!

Everyone loves taking photos in the fall, because ... i mean... the colors!!!! The Colors! 
I took pictures of LeeAnn and her daughters last summer, and loved it! This time their hilarious daddy joined them and despite the chill temperatures, we all had The camera loves the girls and yes, the girls do love the camera too!  No end to this pose and that...  And the daddy bore all the weight of supporting his model girls on his shoulders. Literally! At some point they all climbed on his back and encouraged him to stand up.  And he actually tried. I really hope he got a back rub and extra hugs later that day.

Model much, Little S?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My little lady totally has a little boyfriend. They go way back when they were both in the infant nursery at our daycare. Annika and S. sitting in a tree... Isn't he adorable? He is totally cheesin' for his future mother-in-law. (Eeek, that thought just made me have a mini heart attack.)
It isn't easy taking pictures of a little boy who is full of energy and never.stops.moving! Oh boy! It helped a lot that he was just so fine with the camera being constantly in his face. I wish Annika was like that, because the moment I pull out a camera she is like, so would you rather I hit you in the face or smash your lens?
Here are just a few pictures of S. and his family. I totally have some goofy ones that I will save for the wedding day (mini heart attack, part dos).

Fall.. Yummy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's mid-October  (in case you were wondering), and you won't believe it, but I am yet to have a pumpkin spice latte or take the little lady to a pumpkin patch. I haven't yet made chili with corn bread or carved pumpkins. In my defense, this fall has been so temperamental. Just a couple of weeks ago it was rather warm, and tonight we are on freeze watch. I think it's time to get going with my fall to-do list, because the thoughts of Christmas are already starting to creep in. Ah know!!! I've already looked at Christmas stockings online and have picked out... wait for it... matching mother-daughter Christmas PJs. AH KNOW!!! Squeal! 
But no-no, I have to make sure I enjoy fall, because that was actually one of my resolutions this year. We are going to carve pumpkins with friends this week, and I'm going to attempt chili and corn bread for everybody. Woot! I'm so excited. 
My small group lady friends and I are reading a book by the hilarious Jen Hatmaker called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Jen writes about an experiment she conducted in order to get rid of materialism and excess in her life. Over the span of 7 months she gave up certain things (like television, shopping, Internet, and others), in order to "make room" for spiritual growth. Today we discussed food, which is the first thing Jen fasted in. Why and when is it that food takes so much room in us that it pushes out the Holy Spirit? We don't see food as a means to an end, but rather something we can't imagine having an enjoyable life without. Do we put too much emphasis on food and thus forget the real "nourishment" we should crave? Oh, I'm just thinking out loud.  Food is such a  huge prerequisite for this season, I guess it just stirred up some of these thoughts. Or maybe it was my little bestie, whose favorite phrase as of today is "food...yummy!" Or I'm just hungry, because my dinner consisted of arugula leaves and tomatoes. 
And below are a few fall photos that have nothing to do with food:)

Chris + Brandy = 3

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meet Chris and Brandy. They are hilarious and dorky and we love them. In March, they are expecting their first child and I don't want to seem audacious, but could we please applaud Greg and me for that? I'll explain a little, you'll see...
When Greg and I got married and moved to his hometown (which is Chris' hometown too), we instantly decided that Chris should move back too and meet this tall gorgeous single blond. We knew right away that they were going to work out. Chris moved back and we set up a few gatherings and introduced them to each other. I think things got a little awkward for both of them, because we obviously couldn't keep our mouths shut about how perfect they were for each other. They were pretty cold towards one another at first, but we (yes, we!) did our magic and now they are about to become happy parents. Eeek! You are welcome!
*the story may have gone a bit differently, but that's how i remember it. hehe!*


Busy nothings

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Despite this gorgeous, peaceful view that we get to admire every night, our evenings are a little cray. And before you, moms of multiple kids, tell me to "just wait" until I have more kids, let me just say this - don't say this.
It's just me and the lady at first (walk, snack, play, dance, run... the whole shebang), and then daddy gets home. He starts the bath right away and while he does that, I run around like a squirrel in a wheel (that's a Russian expression) picking up books, toys, tupperware, straws and any and all contents of kitchen cabinets from the floor or bath tub, and occasionally even the toilet.
I also start dinner. Bath is done, then it's jammie time, Bible time, warm milkie time, and teeth-brushing. A couple of "Twinkle-Twinkle Little Stars" later the sweetie blows us kisses, and reaches for her crib (I know!!! She loves going night-night!). Freedom starts with making lunches for the next day and finishing up our dinner. When the craze is over we are like, so now what do we do with ourselves?
My favorite nights include loading up our dinner plates (usually with something grilled + veggies) and watching some silly movie. We love watching silly movies more than we want to admit. Don't judge.
Last night was one of those favorite nights. We grilled some fish and peppers, made a salad, poured ourselves some red (fish goes with white wine, but white wine is just ...meh!), and plopped on the couch to rust our brains for 2 hours of Iron Man 3. Usually we want 2 hours of our lives back, but most of the time we feel like we deserve that leisure time, we are entitled to it, and we must have it. Our type of hectic is pretty awesome though, but even Iron Man in the end said "screw it!". He threw away his magnetic transmitter, drove away on his iron man mobile, and decided to start enjoying life finally.
But in the very-very end you see him hauling his Jarvis with him, which is a hint that tomorrow he will wake up and happily do it all over again, dirty diapers, food on the carpet, pacifiers in the toilet, and all.

Oops, when I'm tired, "at the end of the sentence I say a wrong cranberry".